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Ground Breaking New Fitness Technology in Surbiton

This spring The Body Shape Studios are bringing the first of its kind electro muscular stimulation (EMS) fitness studio to Surbiton. There will no longer be any need for lengthy work outs in the gym or fitness classes every week. The 20 minute work outs just twice a week is all you will need to tone up, sculpt your body to your desired shape, get rid of those problem areas and do away with cellulite once and for all. This brand new exclusive fitness studio provides a private facility where only one client at a time is trained by a Body Shape Studios Personal trainer, using the Miha Bodytec EMS device. So what makes this new fitness technology so effective in body shaping and toning? EMS involves the use of impulse currents that are sent to the muscles to stimulate and make them involuntarily contract. In humans the central nervous system is responsible for sending electrical impulses around the body to control muscle action, EMS simply intensifies this process. EMS elicits much more powerful contractions than are possible from voluntary training, upto 30% higher. This revolutionary way of working out makes it possible to achieve your ideal healthy and toned body without having to spend excessive amounts of time at a gym or fitness classes. EMS training and Miha Bodytec is one of the fastest growing fitness devices globally used by fitness studios, weight loss and obesity centres, wellness and beauty establishments and sports and rehabilitation centres. Whilst EMS training has replaced conventional training in countries such as Germany and Spain The Body Shape Studios are bringing the first studio of its kind to Surbiton this year, with many more studios to follow across London and the UK.

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