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Thankfully, despite the unsettling situation we all find ourselves in at the moment, Storm New Media has managed to keep busy.  It seems many of our clients have some spare time on their hands and are focussing energy on bettering their online presence.

  • We have had a number of our ‘classes’ or ‘training’ clients shift from classroom/studio-based practices to online and streaming activities.
  • We have initiated online ordering for one of our restaurant customers which have allowed them to carry on with their business offering deliveries and takeaways.
  • We have upgraded one of our clients eCommerce sites to allow them to take pre-orders for products that are currently ‘on the water’ being delivered.  The popularity of their products has exploded during lockdown as their products can be used at home in gardens and are a hit with youngsters, amatuer gymnasts and expert gymnasts alike.
  • We have also built sites for therapists and counsellors who are now offering online consultations through Skype and Zoom.

So despite our initial concerns for business during the lockdown, we have actually been very busy working on solutions for our existing customers, as well as getting in requirements and projects from new customers.

We are also about to embark on a big project to launch an eCommerce website into Europe. The site has proven itself in the UK market having only been launched towards the end of last year.  This site will initially be translated into German for the Austrian, German, and Swiss market, then stage 2 will be into different languages for the rest of Europe. Storm New Media will be handling all the online promotion into these countries so will be bringing in translators to complement our existing team of SEO experts and developers already working on the project.

If you are thinking about how you could lever your online presence to help you through this time, give us a call or get in touch and I’m sure we could help find you a solution.

Some recent website samples;

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