Website Re-design Season!

It seems like lockdown has been a good time for some of our clients to assess their websites and make some great updates!  Naturally Chinese Restaurant has also taken this opportunity to add an eCommerce functionality to their site to allow customers to make orders through their website and offer collections from the restaurant.  At the same time, we gave the site a bit of a refresh and facelift! has also had a great design update and have really been promoting their home water delivery service to offer customers at home the benefits of having a watercooler at home.

The other 2 websites have been corporate redesigns, one for a Legal firm and another an Investment firm, both in central London.

We have also been helping a client target the European market with his hugely successful UK eCommerce site.  We have now had the site translated into 3 languages to promote the products throughout Europe.  The client is and the new European site is and the latter site is available in 4 languages.

Currently, we are working on a Podcast site for one of our clients who has now been with us for over 15 years!, Stay tuned to see what we come up with.

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