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The Internet can be a dangerous place, and to keep your site secure, protected and up to date is more important now than ever. Have you ever considered how your business could be effected if your site was hacked? In some cases all your data could be compromised and it could be very costly to get your site up and running again. If you have an ecommerce site and your business relies on sales from the site, things could be even worse.

At Storm New Media we like to focus on full service:
Maintaining websites is tedious and technical, so let us do it for you.

We have put together our ‘Piece of Mind’ Maintenance package which covers the two most important and fundamental tasks for keeping your WordPress site healthy.

  • Updates: Until recently, WordPress had major updates twice a year, but in 2014 the updates have been more regular to deal with hacking threats. There are also updates for themes and plugins, which are much less predictable, but need to be updated regularly due to unprecedented attacks from hackers seeking to find new ways to penetrate web sites.
  • Backups: Sites should have a backup plan that fits with their needs. A site with lots of content updates might want a database backup once a day at a minimum and a full backup weekly. Sites with fewer updates might not need such frequent backups, but they should still have regularly scheduled, full-site backups that are stored off-site.

Secure your site and make it safe straight away.

The small investment for our Piece of Mind Package is just GBP 35 per month (GBP 360 per Year) for the Monthly payment option, or GBP300 if paid annually . For this offer, we will include DAILY database backups and a FULL weekly backup.  All backups are stored securely offsite.

Take advantage of this offer now, simply by selecting the ‘yes’ button and following the instructions.

If you do not want to take up the piece of mind offer, please be aware that you are responsible for your own backups and updates and the time, effort and expertise that this will entail.

Saving money by ignoring this offer could cost you dearly. Hacking attempts are increasing, especially from Russia and more recently North Korea. Taking care of updates and backups can easily run to one hours work each month and also bear in mind that the average time it takes to repair a hacked non ecommerce site can take 4 – 8 hours, and we cannot guarantee that all your content can be saved unless there is a backup in place.

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